Dr. Anil Kumar Rajvanshi

  • 2001
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Application of Science and Technology for Rural Development

Born: 1st September, 1950

M. Tech., Ph. D. (Mech. Engg.)

Gave up a lucrative career in the United State of America. Returned to India in 1981 and joined the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute with a view to propagating sustainable rural development through the use of modern science and technology, tempered by ancient Indian philosophical thought.

Has shown that it is possible to set up a good R & D facility in rural areas and, through the internet, export and inform the public about the technologies and services.

Some of the Rural technologies include:

• Solar distillation of fermented stem juice of sweet sorghum for the production of ethanol for cooking and lighting.

• An efficient pressurised lantern called "Noorie" run on kerosene, ethanol or diesel. The Noorie has been exported to U.S. where it is providing light in the blackout zones of California.

• A technology in which soil bound water unavailable to roots for uptakeisevaporated with the help of solar energy and condensed and collected for supply to the tree seedlings.

• An Electric cycle rickshaw with 3 gears, which can go longer distances. Some of these are being exported to UK and Germany.

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