Centre of Science for Villages

Centre of Science for Villages

To change the scenario of open defecation which is inappropriate and unhealthy; various models of toilets with special sanitation systems are designed and developed by Centre of Science for Villages (CSV), in Wardha.

CSV has specially designed community toilets which are directly connected to the biogas unit where the human faeces and cow dung can be used to generate fuel. The sanitation and biogas units are maintained by the rural community wherein the village people are trained and given the responsibility to monitor and maintain. Some villagers collect the cattle dung or organic waste from the village and some look into the technical aspects like operation of the biogas, production, maintenance and supply of electricity.

CSV has also developed and set up a Sanitation Park. The idea is to exhibit all the appropriate technologies in sanitation models. The concept of Sanitation Park was developed by Mr. Sameer Kurvey, Executive Director, Centre of Science for Villages, Wardha in 1995 and was brought into practice at several places in India, to create awareness in the rural masses regarding Total Sanitation. One such Sanitation Park is set up at an international NGO named WaterAid in Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) which consists models of Ferro-cement toilet, Brick Panel - Pan to pit, Toilet - cum - bathroom with kundi - pan with cover, bamboo superstructure (Cloth, Bamboo Mat), Toilets with deep and shallow water seal, Homemade pan toilet, Eco sanitation model, School sanitation model, Ladies and Gents urinals, various models of Anganwadi toilets, Community toilet attached to biogas and water management system etc.

Funding support received from Bajaj Group Charitable Trusts and other government institutes facilitated developing and executing this initiative in the rural areas. CSV has also introduced various water harvesting systems like spill water management, rain water harvesting, refilling of well and borewell, percolation in corner of agriculture land, bunding, filtration system for community water supply etc.

Other areas of activities include agrowaste management, vermicompost, animal waste management, designing and promoting household solar cooker, solar water heater and home light systems etc.