Society for the Rehabilitation of Crippled Children

Society for the Rehabilitation of Crippled Children

In 1947, a group of dedicated volunteers started a small clinic in a doctor's waiting room for the treatment of children afflicted with poliomyelitis. The continued efforts of these few persons resulted in the birth of the Society for the Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC). The aims and objectives of the Society cater to the health, hope and happiness rights of every child. It organizes clinical diagnosis, care and treatment for disabled children and children in need of other medical treatment.

In 1950, the Society was granted lease of the land at Haji Ali, in Mumbai where The Children's Orthopaedic Hospital was started to provide medical and rehabilitation facilities for children afflicted with poliomyelitis and other congenital deformities. The services and facilities were then extended and offered to patients affected by cerebral palsy and developmental disorders.

In 2007, the SRCC started its Centre for Child Development which comprises of a rehabilitation department, physical therapy, educational, occupational and speech therapy. SRCC has now initiated setting up a super-specialty children’s hospital to be called SRCC Children’s Hospital.

Ramkrishna Bajaj Charitable Trust has partly donated for the construction of this hospital. The hospital services are in the areas of cardiology, cardiac surgery, genetic medicine, orthopedics, gastroenterology, neurology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, organ transplants, urology, psychiatry etc.

It aims to provide high quality yet, affordable healthcare service to the children and facilitate the underprivileged with access to free healthcare.