Fujii Guruji Memorial Trust

Fujii Guruji Memorial Trust

Great souls like Reverend Nichidatsu Fujii serve the higher purpose of their lives by promoting peace and harmony amongst mankind. Reverend Fujii, the founding preceptor of 'Nippozan Myohoji', shared a relationship of mutual respect and admiration with Gandhiji who himself propagated peace and non-violence. In fact, it was Gandhiji who named him Fujii Guruji.

In 1988, the Fujii Guruji Memorial Trust was founded honouring Fujii Guruji with the objectives of:

  • Propagating the message of Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi of world peace, love and non-violence and equality of all religions
  • Conducting activities for the benefit of humanity at large, based on the philosophy of Sarvodaya
  • Organising exhibitions, publishing literature, establishing libraries and building monuments for the promotion of the objectives of the trust

The Trust built one of the landmark monuments, the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, on land donated by the Kamalnayan Bajaj Charitable Trust at Bajaj Dham, Wardha. Fujii Gurujii personally chose the site as he wanted the Stupa to be in memory of Gandhiji and Jamnalalji. The Trust received generous donations from the followers of Rev. Fujii Guruji in Japan through the Japan Bharat Sarvodaya Mitrata Sangh led by Rev. Imaiji. It was because of his dedication and perseverance that the project took concrete shape. The Stupa complex also houses a Buddha temple where his followers can offer payers and meditate.