The Group with a Heart

The Group with a Heart

Over a century ago, a philanthropist instinctively took the unprecedented step of using business to serve society. He was the founder of the Bajaj Group, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj. He strongly believed that, ‘common good was more important than individual gain’. His philosophy which has stood the test of time, was successfully taken forward by his sons Shri Kamalnayan Bajaj and Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj and after them it was spearheaded by his grandson Rahul Bajaj. This has taken the group to higher levels of success and respect.

The Group now stands tall in the Corporate World while operating through 40 Group Companies and approximately 36,000 employees.

It offers an extensive range of products and services including motorised two and three wheelers, home appliances, electric lamps, wind energy, special alloys and stainless steel, cranes, material handling equipment, travel, general and life insurance and investment, consumer finance and asset management.

For society however, Bajaj is more than a corporate identity. It is a catalyst for social empowerment. It is the reason behind the smile that lights up a million faces. Its goodwill resonates in the two simple words that live in the collective consciousness of Indians - Hamara Bajaj. For detailed information visit www.bajajgroup.company/beyond-profits/legacy